Land: 3-5 acres of pure Alaskan Land (Out on the Fringe or Beyond)

I seek wooded, virgin land that has not been cleared and is accessible via standard road(s) that is maintained year-round.

Land must be:
- Sold at Value as appraised by FNSB, within reason of +/- as contested by seller/myself, agreed upon or denied at individual discretion
- Condition, Covenant, and Restriction FREE! Absolutely no dictating terms to come with land that tells me what I can and cannot do with land purchased with my own hard-earned money
- Sold under Warranty Deed and signed by owner of land in person preferably at Courthouse in presence of an Escrow Agent (at seller's expense)
- Able to hook-up to electric utilities/grid-lines (at my expense)
- Within cellphone coverage

In responding to this ad, you:
- Acknowledge and adhere to what parameters are in place for what I seek, and
- Will provide to me the address, plat number, and any and all prevalent information regarding the land you wish for me to explore and inspect, understanding that it is within the above-described parameters; if it isn't in the FNSB parcel-database, do not respond to this ad! If your land lies outside the borough, okay, but it must then be in that borough's parcel-database.

I shall exchange for title of newly purchased land with a travelers check of agreed upon value between seller and I, through the Escrow Agent as provided by the seller for the neutral exchange of monies for land-title, preferably in Witness of the Recorder at the FNSB Courthouse.

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