Summit tripod stand - $450 (Tok)

I have a Summit tripod stand that is either 12’ or 16’. Swivel seat,very solid stand with rifle rest. Some damage to seat cushion bit not bad. Easy set up. Also reclines with foot rest. If you see this ad it’s still available.

The Summit Watchtower Tripod Stand is a practical alternative for a higher surveillance angle while out hunting. The stand can be mounted wherever you want and all you need to set it up is a flat surface. With a padded seat, you will enjoy improved comfort and visibility as the seat comes with 360-swivel. It thus represents the perfect solution for total surveillance as you`ll be able to monitor exactly the areas you want.
300lbs weight capacity
Two platform height
Steel construction
16feet height
The watch tower offers an interesting alternative for tree stands. As you might not have any available trees in your hunting area or if you would want to monitor a larger area, choosing a watch tower can be an interesting alternative. The watch tower comes with two heights at 12 and 16 feet. This offers an interesting adjustment which works for both those who are afraid of heights and for those who want to maximize visibility.

The good news is that even with this adjustability the stand maintains a solid platform and good weight support. Thus, you will get a weight capacity of 300lbs which is perfect for most situations. With the same weight capacity of classic climbers, the watch tower represents a better alternative if you want to have a higher visibility point in an area with no trees.

But the tower also has added benefits when compared to a classic tree climber. For example, the tower has better visibility with 360 swivel option. It can also represent a better option in terms of height management since it comes with two options. The first option at 12 feet can be used by the first-time hunter until they get through the learning curve. The 16 feet option might be the best alternative if you have the luck of being outside windy areas. It may also work for hunters who want to cover larger areas.

So what type of weapons can you use with the tower? Since it comes with a padded shooting rail, fire weapons can be the first option for hunters. But due to the large foot platform, it will even work for bow hunting.

The Summit Watchtower Tripod Stand represents one of the best options for maximum visibility. As it covers a 360 angle, the tower is perfect for all types of hunters. And the good news is that the height can also be adjusted to your requirements. If you don`t need the extra height you can choose the 12 feet setup to ensure you have a minimal viewing angle from above. While the 16 feet height can be a good option if you plan to increase camouflage and spend more time on the tower waiting for the perfect shooting opportunity. With a comfortable seat, the tower represents one of the best options on from the manufacturer for these independent design tripods.

Check out the video for set up of the 12’. 16’ just ad additional legs.



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