All kinds of wicker baskets - $30 (Fairbanks)

Many baskets. From small to large. there are 11 of them. To be sold as a lot, unless you make me a great offer on one or a few of them….

All measurements are approximate…not exact but close.

Oval, wrapped 2 handle. Top=16” long by 11" wide. Bottom=12” by 7”. Height= 5”. Handle height 2.25”. Handles about 3” wide space. Wrapped top edge. 2 breaks.

Oval, wrapped 2 handle. Top=13.5” long by 10.5” wide. Bottom=9” by 7”. Height 6.5”. Handle height 2”. 3” wide handle space. No breaks, one bend. Used, dirty.

Oval orange one wrapped mid length handle. Top=9 by 6. Bottom=7 by 4.5. Height 3”. Handle height 5.5”. 2 bends, no breaks. Not too dusty.

White round with one handle. 1990 made in china. Top diameter=5”. Bottom diameter= 3.5”. 3 strap up to one top wrapped handle…7” tall. Total height= 10”. Basket height=3”. New.

Oval with one handle…3 strap to one top wrap. 7” handle height. Top=16” by 8”. Bottom=10 by 6. Basket height=5”. One break (but it blends in). 12” total height.

Moonish looking small basket. End to end one handle wrap. Basket height=2.75”. Total height=6”. Top=7 by 4. Bottom=7 by 4.5.

Brown square flare, no handle. Made in PRC. Vintage fine weave decorative top edge. Top=5.5 by 5. Bottom=3.5 by 3. 4.5” tall. Used. Dusty.

Small purplish white plastic lined. (Put a plant in it?). Single strap handle. Top diameter=3”. Bottom=2.25”. Basket height=2.5”. Handle height 4”. Total height=6.5”.

Crescent moon looking basket…with handle and wrapped base. Single wrapped handle. Wide strips with thin accent design. Total height 8 ". Base oval = 3x2. 7” across, 3” wide. 2.25” high basket. Used. Dusty

Large basket with one solid handle…basket 8 inch tall 14 inch diameter. 17 inches from base to top of handle. Used. Dusty.

small fine woven round basket with no handle…top diameter 9 inch. Bottom diameter 5.5 inch. 3 inch tall. Used

additional basket 18 x 12 with 2 handles on the short edge of the rectangle. Sage green cover with yellow "wheat" embroidery on one side. That makes 16 baskets.

Build a bunch of easter baskets, decorate every room in your home, organize using each as storage. Use as fire starter.

I do not text. All sales thru Craigslist

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