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I will go look for him any place people think he has seen him. Found Mid sized dog with tags and harness. Dog is safe. Rad Runner 2 E Bike My amazing chicken is missing as of yesterday afternoon. She is a little houdini, and gets over an 8 foot fence (with clipped wings) and comes into my bathroom window every evening, and has been doing so for over a year. Long shot but I lost an iPhone that fell off my car roof on the 101 near the polo fields in Summerland. It was a while ago but had 2 years of photos on it that I thought were being backed up but weren’t. I had found my credit card that fell off with it but never found the phone. I thought maybe workers may have come across it while working on the freeway. Offering $1000 reward if Intricate, dangling, silver earring. A woman found it earlier in December in Talent but got no response to posters and inquiries at shop owners (she doesn't do social media). She asked me to put it online wherever I could. I've posted on Talent groups and now here. Someone must be Many years ago I lost track of my Flexible Flyer sled when I moved from Pascoag RI to Monson MA. My father carved my name and age on the back which is why I still think about it. (My first name starts with E and the age is between 7-9) Whenever I go to Brimfield antique show or antique shops and see an FF sled I always check the back to see if it’s mine. Because I’m still thinking about it I figured I’d post about wandered into our yard this morning, lost chihuahua near rosecrans ave and wilmington in compton. closest to the car wash by the compton creek. we can keep him safe, but cannot keep him permanently as we have a lot of other animals in the house already. he had no collar, no tags, not neutered, and honestly keeps trying to wander back into the street so i hope he hasn't been lost for too long. please contact me if you know him or where he belongs. send a picture of Please contact me with ANY information!! Lost around the 4th of July. I am in Big Bear moving and they were being watched in Victorville, I just found out. Hello my sons dog has been missing for 3 days we have posted him all over Facebook. He was last seen on amber St off of Davis hwy. He is dark gray and short. Please help my son is heart broken he Bottle feed his pup from Missing Maggie and Mufasa at hobuck flats at 18 mile ’s been over a month Please if anyone sees them please call me or text me at LOST AT MC DONALD, PIER PARK, PANAMA CITY, FL Pua is a white and black medium hair domestic cat Por el dia 15 de diciembre en las calles de olive rd. y la brucherie rd. como a las 10 pm perdi mi cartera, probablemente al bajar de mi carro se me cayo, el dinero no importa, pero si mis documentos, si

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