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condition: new
Early Maritime Artists of the Pacific Northwest Coast, 1741-1841
condition: new in factory shrinkwrap.
This is an out-of-print book: "Early Maritime Artists of the Pacific Northwest Coast, 1741-1841", by John Frazier Henry. The book is brand new, in the original factory shrink-wrap. Originally published at $40.00. Hardcover, cloth.

I can ship the book by media mail for $5 postage, or by priority mail for $14 postage.

From a book review by Christon Archer of the University of Calgary: "This is the first major compilation that brings together the product of many voyages of Russia, Britain, France, Spain and the United States.... Considering the length of the period under consideration and the diversity of the expeditions, Henry has done an excellent job of presenting his subject.... The volume is a most welcome addition to the northwest coast bibliography. It will find an important place in the collection of anyone who is interested in the early history of the coastline from the Oregon-California boundary to Point Barrow, Alaska."

Book is in brand new condition. In original factory shrink-wrap (the reflections on the cover are from the plastic shrink-wrap). 240 pages.

From the dust jacket flaps:
Early Maritime Artists of the Pacific Northwest Coast, 1741-1841. JOHN FRAZIER HENRY. "In view of the numerous books published on the native arts and artists of the North Pacific Rim, it is gratifying to find that attention has at last been turned to the earliest European and American artists who visited Alaska, Vancouver Island, coastal British Columbia, and the American Pacific Northwest. Early Maritime Artists is the first comprehensive work to deal with its subject in both text and image, and is a major contribution to regional history and art reference. The expeditionary artists of five countries can now be identified, their works located, and their North American accomplishments appraised." -Robert D. Monroe, former director of Special Collections, Suzzallo Library, University of Washington.
In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, venturesome men spent years surveying the northern Pacific coast of North America, recording the region and its inhabitants, and sometimes making, or losing, fortunes in trade. The legacy of their adventures exists in their journals and logbooks, and in their drawings, paintings, and charts of the previously unrecorded coastline. Early Maritime Artists of the Pacific Northwest Coast presents firsthand descriptions and over 150 scenes of the coast through the eyes of its first maritime explorers.
Although many books have been written detailing the exploits and accomplishments of Captains Vancouver, Cook, Malaspina, La Perouse, Gray, and Wilkes, this volume also covers some twenty expeditions to the Northwest Coast led by equally daring but less famous captains, such as Yuri Lisianskii of Russia, Alcala Galiano and Cayetano Valdes of Spain, Edward Belcher of England, and Joseph Ingraham of the United States, to name just a few.
This is the first full-length study devoted to the artists who accompanied the expeditions and produced the visual record. In an era before the invention of photography, an expedition's failure to utilize artists would seem tantamount to moon exploration without cameras today. Artists were assigned to a voyage with such orders as those given to La Perouse in 1785: "to sketch all the views of the land, and the remarkable situations, portraits of the natives of the different countries, their manner of dress, their ceremonies, their pastimes, their edifices, their vessels, and all the productions of the earth and of the sea."
On rare occasions, no professional artist was appointed and talented amateurs were sought out. Vancouver wrote that "it was with infinite satisfaction that I saw, amongst the officers and young gentlemen of the quarterdeck, some who, with little instruction, would soon be enabled to ... draw landscapes, make faithful portraits of the several headlands, coast, and countries, which we might discover. In one such case, Jose Cardero, a cabinboy on Malaspina's voyage of 1791, an individual with no official directive and no formal training in art, was inspired to draw for his own enjoyment the unfamiliar sights to which he was exposed.
The value of these pictorial documents for Western and maritime historians, anthropologists, and art historians has long been recognized. Some drawings-- those of Captain James Cook's official artist, John Webber, for example--have been reproduced many times to illustrate publications dealing with the voyages. For this collection, John Frazier Henry has chosen to concentrate on less familiar work, although some well-known drawings appear because they were the only available specimens of the artist's work on the North Pacific Coast.
Brief accounts of twenty-six voyages and biographical sketches of fifty artists establish the historical framework for the drawings and paintings. Sixteen of the 173 illustrations are reproduced in color in order to convey the quality of the watercolor originals. Of special interest are those cases in which the author was able to locate both a drawing and its later engraving made to illustrate the published journal of the explorers, often with marked differences from the original. Portraits of the artists, when available, are also included.
John Frazier Henry, formerly a senior vice-president of First Interstate Bank of Washington, is now retired. He has been for many years a student of Northwest Coast history and has published a number of articles on his research."

John Frazier Henry once gave a talk about his book in Juneau for the Alaska Historical Society annual meeting; I was there.

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